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Hi. My name is Jim Deeming. I'm a fingerstyle guitar player, performer, and instructor.

In a minute, I'm going to tell you about a whole new way to learn guitar. But first, let me tell you why I never liked "regular" guitar lessons.

For about $25 (or more) you can get a 30 minute lesson - usually scheduled for once a week.

Here's how the typical lesson goes -

After getting organized, fingers warmed up and guitars tuned, you're lucky if there's 15 minutes of actual work time.

Now divide that time into three parts:

- five minutes to review last week
- five minutes to solve problems
- five minutes to learn new material

Now you're on your own for a week to thrash around trying to remember what the instructor said, or how something was supposed to be played.

If it didn't sink in the first time, you can get help next week -

- for another $25.



I don't know about you, but that's not a very good deal in my book. Frankly, as an instructor I felt bad enough about the "system" that I simply got out of it for quite awhile. I don't like to say "no", but over the last few years I turned down a lot of requests for lessons.


Well now that's all changed...


I'm excited to tell you I've found a way to get the best bang for the buck - so excited, in fact, that I've signed on as an instructor.

It's an internet-based "online" system that has the best of everything:

- Professionally filmed video instruction

- All levels, from beginner to advanced

- Multiple instructors - 70 and counting - to choose from (or watch them all!)

- Multiple styles to study, from bluegrass, fingerstyle, blues, classical, jazz to rock and metal.

- Supplemental content including tablature, chord charts and instructor notes.

- Interactive Q&A. Instructors can address questions either in recorded video, discussion forums, or even live video sessions.

- Request and learn specific songs.

- Nearly 4,000 HD multi-camera, professionally produced instructional videos. More are being added every week!

And access to the entire site is yours for a montly subscription that is less than the cost of a single private lesson !


I am so excited about what these folks have to offer that I've signed on to be an instructor. In addition to "Phase 1" beginner lessons, I am teaching fingerstyle lessons from beginner to advanced, plus adding specific song tutorials of arrangements from guitar giants like

- Chet Atkins
- Jerry Reed
- Tommy Emmanuel
- Doyle Dykes
and others.


Maybe you are a self-starter and you've begun collecting expensive instructional videos and DVDs. Some of these are very good, but each DVD is going to run you $30 to $40 and may contain 60 to 90 minutes of material.

The trouble is they are limited in what they can cover so they tend to be either too simple or too advanced for many students. And other than the pause and rewind button, they can hardly be called "interactive".

On JamPlay.com you can ask questions and get answers in a variety of ways, including email, forum posts, a live chat room, or even video-taped answers from one of the instructors. If you have a webcam, you can even show an instructor what you're working on and get personalized help.

And here's a special instructor's offer from me to get you started:

Click on this link to JamPlay when you sign up and you can use the full site FREE for seven days!


Here's what just a few of my students have had to say:

Jim - I'm very new to the site...and can't thank you enough for the lessons. I'm advancing at a pace even I thought wasn't possible, and for that, I am extremely appreciative. I'm really enoying the process - Adam

I just wanted to let you know that this is what I was looking for. I bought a starter guitar to try to learn and I bought some books but nothing made a connection until I found Jim Deeming at Jam Play. I had previously signed up for another web site and the guy could hardly talk because he was so nervous with the camera and he jumped all over the place. Nothing made sense to me and I was getting discouraged. The video quality was poor and it took forever to load. Good thing it didn't cost much because it's not worth much. The videos you have are outstanding and Jim is great! I am sure that all of the other instructors are just as good but, I chose to start with Jim because he has a "I want to teach you what I Love to do" appeal. I should be practicing but I just wanted to let you know that I like the site so far and say THANKS! - Jeff

Now that i've had a look around and completed a few lessons with Jim Deeming I will be moving from a monthly sub to a yearly one.I've looked at a lot of online lesson web sites and yours is the most concise and to the point, so i'll be with you for a while until nearly as good as Jim ( if i live that long) - Cheers Steve


I've been trying to play guitar for about 1 yr. I have several guitar teaching programs, Learn and master guitar, Guitar method one, Guitar Magic III, to name a few. I have learned a lot from these programs especially Learn and master guitar. I practice two three hrs. daily. The repetition can be pretty boring. When I was surfing and found JamPlay I didn't expect much, There are so many sites that say they can teach you how to play guitar, but I have found that you have to already know how play guitar to understand what they are talking about after a couple of lesson. I want to tell you I am really glad I tried JamPlay! I have taking lessons from Jim Deeming, and he has made the learning process so much more interesting and he gives practice information that I don't think you you will find anywhere else. I'm only on the twelfth lesson so far, and I have greater understanding how music works. I already knew how read music and know the notes on first position and some bar chords, haven't learned tab yet. I'm not trying to blow my horn about what I know, what I trying to say is with all practice and lessons I have in the past, it wasn't until I joined JamPlay and I started taking lessons from Jim Deeming that it all starting making sense, now I have got my enthusiasm back and can't wait to get to the next lesson. I hope the other instructors are as informative, when I get to them. I also like to say my guitar stays in tune, with minimum tweaking since I followed Jim Deeming instructions on how to string a guitar. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JAMPLAY!
Thanks, James I.

Thank you. I want to tell you that your web site design is absolutely great. I knew what I was looking at, I could figure out where I wanted to go. I was amazed at the amount of lessons that have things I want to know.
I signed up for the monthly membership the first time I visited the site. The video answer question section is beyond anything I expected. I watched the Jim Deeming Concert video and couldn't turn it off. Thank you for quality like this and I appreciate that the teachers and their humor. Good Luck to you all. I will tell my friends about your web site. - Ellen