Jim Deeming - Listen to Samples

Click here to launch a flash player and listen to the set I played on KOCR, an internet radio station.  This player will launch in a seperate window and will continue to play while you browse the rest of the site. Hope you enjoy it!

This show was picked up from the audio chat room hosted by The Texas Fingerstyle Guitar Association and streamed to well over 6 million listeners around the world.  I was told to expect an audience that large before I played that night, but frankly the number was too much to comprehend.  I was just alone with my guitars in a soundproof studio room and trying not to think about much else.

It was impossible to forget, however, that several of the listeners that night were our troops stationed overseas, including several dozen in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  Now that was an honor!

Here's the text discussion that went on in the TFGA Chatroom while I was playing on OCRN...

19:28:44 [Bruce_Ramsey] Jim Deeming.You're next

19:33:26 [kelvin] oh, god,

19:33:28 [Peggy_Edwards] Toes a tappin.. Wow..

19:33:38 [Carolyn] go, Jim, from unk

19:33:40 [Jim_Pa_Cobble] Now this one is about one of my favorite characters

19:33:44 [BJ_Talley] that's some SWEEEEEEEEEET pickin' right there.

19:34:01 [Richard_Hudson] Sounding good down here


19:34:27 [LarrySimpson] lawdy

19:34:27 [Richard_Hudson] whoa

19:34:35 [Steve_Gouge] met jim at Winfield last year...should have heard him and Buster B tear it up!

19:34:35 [Barbara_Dula] Beautiful Jim D., Beautiful

19:34:40 [Russ_Goldman] awesome picking Jim D

19:34:53 [Peggy_Edwards] Wow, Jim.. that's Great.. Smilin

19:34:55 [Monty_Montgomery] Man Jim D.........good picking

19:34:58 [Dennis_Skagen] I'd Like to take a few lessons Jim,  Great !!!

19:35:15 [Craig Taylor] Awesome buddy!

19:35:17 [Peggy_Edwards] Man...

19:35:21 [Admin_Ceri] whoo hooo!!!

19:35:23 [Barbara_Dula] Go Jim D.

19:35:24 [Dave_Goldman] He's great

19:35:24 [BJ_Talley] man.. sounds really good.

19:35:27 [Monty_Montgomery] Fantastic picking Jim!!!!


19:35:39 [Richard_Hudson] Man, he's walking that bass ain't he?

19:35:42 [Barbara_Dula] awesome isn't a good enough word for his pickin'

19:36:04 [Royce_Carmon] Go Jim D----

19:36:19 [Jim_Saunders] richard , he's mighty good , his heart is right too........

19:36:23 [kelvin] so complicated

19:36:27 [David_Elliott] Nice Jim!

19:36:28 [LarrySimpson] is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconosis a good word for him?

19:36:32 [Admin_Ceri] WONDERFUL, JIM D!!!

19:36:33 [Dave_Goldman] Great job, Jim

19:36:35 [Barbara_Dula] awesome, awesome JIM D

19:36:36 [LarrySimpson] bravo

19:36:41 [Rose_Melliere] Great job Jim D

19:36:44 [Steve_Gouge] way to go Jim...

19:36:45 [Peggy_Edwards] I think it'll do, Larry.. Smilin

19:36:46 [BJ_Talley] super sounds super

19:36:48 [Randy_Richter] Jim, I could listen to you for 10 days    straight

19:36:49 [Larry_Consley] great pickin Jim


19:36:50 [Royce_Carmon] sspell it onemore time Larry-

19:36:51 [kelvin] very complicated

19:36:57 [Lee_Fuller] Nice Pickin' Jim


19:37:36 [BJ_Talley] SON!

19:37:37 [LarrySimpson] pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconosis

19:37:43 [Peggy_Edwards] Wish Tomi was here to hear this.. Smilin

19:37:57 [Royce_Carmon] That's what I'd called it Larry-exactly

19:37:59 [kelvin] great

19:38:00 [David_Elliott] Go way...!

19:38:02 [LarrySimpson] lol

19:38:03 [Dave_Goldman] Go Jim

19:38:07 [Richard_Hudson] Go Jim! ! ! ! !

19:38:09 [Monty_Montgomery] pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconosis

19:38:17 [Admin_Ceri] had the pleasure of seein' this guy in person a couple months ago.........he's got super fast fingers!

19:38:18 [LarrySimpson] wow

19:38:19 [Carolyn] jim d, your dad would be soooo proud!

19:38:25 [Barbara_Dula] super-awesome, JIM D

19:39:18 [LarrySimpson] awesome

19:39:25 [Monty_Montgomery] Jim.........wunderful!  SON

19:39:26 [Dave_Goldman] Wonderful warm up, Jim

19:39:26 [Admin_Ceri] WOWOW!!!

19:39:28 [Jim_Saunders] yikes

19:39:28 [Al_Rader] Super Jim

19:39:29 [Rose_Melliere] man!!!!!!!!!!!

19:39:29 [RAY_RIGGS] YOU GOT IT JIM D !!!!!!!!!!

19:39:30 [Tamara_Price] I like the heat--that was great

19:39:30 [Richard_Hudson] Really really nice Jim\

19:39:31 [Barbara_Dula] mighty Awesome picking JIM D

19:39:31 [Ron_Wise] wow jim

19:39:31 [Royce_Carmon] Jim D---Soooooon-you nailed it

19:39:34 [LarrySimpson] now get a fan and cool that sucker off

19:39:35 [Richard_Cervi] Dang Jim!!!

19:39:37 [Peggy_Edwards] Wow, Jim... Great.. Smilin

19:39:38 [Larry_Consley] awesome pickin

19:39:40 [David_Elliott] drop D!

19:39:56 [BJ_Talley] like steve, I got to meet him in Winfield this past year too and he is the most decient guy you'd ever wanna meet... he'll sit right down with ya and show ya anything he knows...  good guy

19:39:59 [Wayne_Brown] soundin good Jim

19:40:14 [KenGoddard] Wayne, I didn't know you was that old...lol

19:40:16 [Monty_Montgomery] Peanuts

19:40:16 [Tamara_Price] linus and lucy   yeah

19:40:19 [Wayne_Brown] lol

19:40:23 [Roy_Bailey] my guitar won't do that... i sit here and looked at it all day and it never did do it

19:40:31 [BJ_Talley] lol

19:40:59 [Tamara_Price] i like doing that one on piano  but it doesn't sound this good

19:41:03 [LarrySimpson] i cant even record it and make it sound that good much less play it

19:42:18 [Barbara_Dula] AWESOME PICKING' JIM D, MIGHTY AWESOME!!!!!

19:42:19 [Dennis_Skagen] I think I will put my guitar in the case for awhile ????

19:42:22 [Bobby_Gibson] Nice Jim.

19:42:24 [Admin_Ceri] WHOO HOO, JIM D!

19:42:24 [Jim_Pa_Cobble] super, Jim

19:42:26 [Monty_Montgomery] Sounds great Jim

19:42:33 [BJ_Talley] mighty hot pickin'...

19:42:35 [Peggy_Edwards] Clapping and tapping in this corner of the world.. Smilin

19:42:41 [Earl_Hunter] Great job Jim D

19:42:44 [Steve_Gouge] buster tune...which one?

19:42:50 [Richard_Cervi] out of sight, Jim

19:42:53 [Jim_Pa_Cobble] Live at 5?

19:43:00 [Steve_Gouge] yeah...that's it

19:43:19 [Russ_Goldman] wow Jim

19:43:20 [Wayne_Gray] Great Jim.

19:43:26 [KenGoddard] Bobby Gibson are you taking notes? hee

19:43:30 [LarrySimpson] man oh man

19:43:41 [Barbara_Dula] GREAT PICKING'

19:43:44 [Eddie_Cook] Jim sure has BUSY fingers. lol

19:43:45 [Rose_Melliere] my fingers are tired  LOL

19:43:46 [LarrySimpson] he is gonna break sumptin

19:43:47 [KenGoddard] This pickin'...ha

19:44:05 [Wayne_Brown] It is hard to believe this guy was my student... he now plays circles around me

19:44:20 [KenGoddard] Oh wow

19:44:24 [Jim_Pa_Cobble] you teach em well, WayneB

19:44:26 [Barbara_Dula] proud of him aren't you Wayne

19:44:28 [David_Elliott] This guy is good!

19:44:44 [Larry_Consley] this guy is great

19:44:57 [Tamara_Price] coooooool   stuff

19:44:57 [LarrySimpson] he must take viagra

19:45:11 [Admin_Ceri] yeah, he sure can keep it up for a while!!

19:45:18 [Rose_Melliere] Jim D    that was absolutely awesome!!!!!!!

19:45:19 [Admin_Ceri] OOPS,  did I say that?

19:45:19 [Dave_Goldman] My goodness - this is terrific, Jim

19:45:21 [Jim_Pa_Cobble] super, JimS

19:45:22 [LarrySimpson] awesome pickin

19:45:25 [Scott_Adams] Whew!

19:45:25 [Barbara_Dula] Beautiful JIMD

19:45:29 [Monty_Montgomery] Great Stuff Jim D

19:45:36 [Peggy_Edwards] AWSOME !!!!!

19:45:37 [Richard_Cervi] that was really sumpin, Jim!

19:45:43 [Al_Rader] Very nice again, Jim

19:45:50 [BJ_Talley] YDD jim

19:46:10 [Wayne_Brown] play it Jim

19:46:15 [Dave_Goldman] Go, Jim!!

19:46:21 [Admin_Ceri] this is a great song!

19:46:26 [Barbara_Dula] Go JIM

19:46:35 [Sean_Hudson] My wife loved the Linus and Lucy song from Charlie Brown :-)

19:48:26 [Carolyn] you nailed it, jim d. this is your uncle roy's favorite and he was praying you would play black mtn rag. Chet couldn't do it any better!!

19:48:32 [David_Elliott] Excellent Jim

19:48:35 [Barbara_Dula] beutiful pickin' Jim D

19:48:37 [Jim_Pa_Cobble] super, JimD

19:48:37 [Dave_Goldman] wonderful picking, Jim

19:48:37 [John_Guffy] Fantastic Job, Jim,,,,

19:48:39 [KenGoddard] Holy smokes....

19:48:40 [Monty_Montgomery] Wowser Jim D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

19:48:44 [BJ_Talley] EXCELLENT

19:48:45 [LarrySimpson] that sucker can play

19:48:45 [Richard_Hudson] Man, great pickin Jim

19:48:46 [Peggy_Edwards] Excellent, Jim.. thanks a bunch.. Smilin

19:48:46 [Bobby_Gibson] Yep, that's it

19:48:51 [Royce_Carmon] MERCY----

19:48:53 [Eve_Childers] Great

19:49:06 [Rose_Melliere] OH MY GOSH!!!!!

19:49:06 [Admin_Ceri] oh yeah!!!!

19:49:15 [BJ_Talley] wow...

19:49:23 [BJ_Talley] this is unreal..

19:49:28 [LarrySimpson] sure

19:49:28 [Jim_Saunders] wonderful job  jdone of those impossible songs on guitar  lol

19:49:40 [LarrySimpson] i think 3 people are playing that at once

19:49:40 [Richard_Hudson] Young thing

19:50:18 [Craig Taylor] Yee Haw!  Go Jim!

19:51:32 [Rose_Melliere] A  W  E  S  O  M  E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19:51:33 [Jim_Saunders] wonderful job jd

19:51:34 [Barbara_Dula] Awesome Pickin' Jim D.

19:51:38 [Jim_Pa_Cobble] super again

19:51:38 [KenGoddard] Dynomight

19:51:39 [Dave_Goldman] excellent!Jim

19:51:42 [BJ_Talley] Jim... that was incredible

19:51:44 [Peggy_Edwards] Well, did you Ever hear anything better.. Smilin

19:51:44 [Monty_Montgomery] Wow Jim D.........great  Great!!!111

19:51:44 [Scott_Adams] Spectacular!

19:51:45 [Larry_Consley] super pickin

19:51:50 [Admin_Ceri] AWESOME, JIM DEEMING!!!  We grows 'em good in Colorado!

19:51:51 [Royce_Carmon] Man-just super entertainment---

19:52:03 [LarrySimpson] :)

19:52:08 [Richard_Hudson] Hooooooooooooolld That Tiger

19:52:21 [Dave_Goldman] He's got his workout tonight!

19:52:24 [LarrySimpson] that guitsr must be water cooled

19:52:25 [Russ_Goldman] Man i can listen to this all night wtg Jim D

19:52:27 [LarrySimpson] hold that tiger

19:52:28 [Rose_Melliere] wowwowowowowo!!!!!!!!

19:52:29 [BJ_Talley] he better slow down or he's gonna get a speeding ticket.

19:52:33 [David_Elliott] Where's this guy been hiding?

19:52:47 [LarrySimpson] lawd have mercy

19:52:48 [Admin_Ceri] right here in the Colorado Rockies, David E

19:52:53 [Richard_Hudson] Ceri, is he double parked outside?

19:52:55 [Rick_Watt] hose him off

19:52:55 [Richard_Cervi] "the boy, ah say the boy plays like he's double parked!"

19:52:56 [Royce_Carmon] keeps guitar outside in Colo.-lol

19:53:16 [LarrySimpson] standing ovation

19:53:18 [Bobby_Gibson] Nice Jim

19:53:19 [Barbara_Dula] Super-Awesome, Jim D

19:53:20 [Dave_Goldman] Outstanding, Jim   Thanks

19:53:22 [BJ_Talley] what was that tune?

19:53:25 [Admin_Ceri] STANDIN OVATION!!

19:53:27 [Monty_Montgomery] Man............some GOOD STUFF JIM!!!!!!!!!!   :-)

19:53:28 [LarrySimpson] now thats performing

19:53:30 [Richard_Cervi] fantastic Jim!

19:53:31 [KenGoddard] Tiger Rag

19:53:31 [Admin_Ceri] tIGER rAG

19:53:36 [Peggy_Edwards] Oh, this one is crazy.. Smilin

19:53:42 [Dennis_Skagen] I have never heard anything like this in my life

19:53:50 [David_Elliott] Yankee Doodle Dixie

19:54:09 [Steve_Gouge] and just think...he can't even make a living at it...he does database admin for a living. what a shame

19:54:11 [Dave_Goldman] Linda, he's a keeper!

19:54:38 [Rose_Melliere] are you tired yet, Jim D?

19:54:38 [Jim_Pa_Cobble] Wow! super

19:54:41 [Peggy_Edwards] Awsome..

19:54:42 [Steve_Gouge] wtg jim

19:54:46 [Barbara_Dula] awesome

19:54:46 [LarrySimpson] your fantastic jim

19:55:24 [Jim_Pa_Cobble] Ah Yeah!!

19:55:33 [Russ_Goldman] love this one

19:55:56 [Bill_Bailey] Nice Pickin!


19:57:30 [Barbara_Dula] Wow, what awesome picking Jim D.

19:57:30 [Admin_Ceri] FANTASTIC!!!!!

19:57:32 [Jim_Saunders] outstanding job  jd

19:57:39 [Peggy_Edwards] Fantastic..

19:57:41 [Barbara_Dula] beautiful

19:57:48 [Peggy_Edwards] Oh, NO.. Last one :(

19:58:12 [Admin_Ceri] WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19:58:27 [Admin_Ceri] WABASH CANNONBALL!

19:58:55 [Admin_Ceri] he can pick this un purty darn good!

19:59:23 [Admin_Ceri] okay, put your seat belts on folks

19:59:26 [BJ_Talley] YES... alright.

19:59:32 [Dave_Goldman] I'm ready, Ceri

19:59:40 [Admin_Ceri] YEEEE HAAAA!!!

20:01:04 [Carolyn] unbelievable!!! You are a true picker.

20:01:06 [Admin_Ceri] WOOOO HOOOOO!!!


20:01:16 [Dave_Goldman] What a ride!!!

20:01:27 [Rick_Watt] smokin down the track

20:01:36 [Barbara_Dula] super Awesome Picking Jim D.!!!!!

20:01:44 [John_Guffy] better than a cab ride

20:01:44 [LarrySimpson] i know why i gave up on being a guitar player now

20:01:45 [Steve_Gouge] I must get him to camp with us at Winfield again this year! 

20:02:06 [Rick_Watt] That was totally awesome!!!!!

20:02:06 [Dave_Goldman] Awesome, Jim!

20:02:08 [Barbara_Dula] Beautiful JimD

20:02:09 [Royce_Carmon] Goodness me--can't think of anything else to say---just awesome-whew

20:02:10 [RAY_RIGGS] WAY TO GO JIM D !!!!!!!!!!!


20:02:11 [Russ_Goldman] you are right great ride Jim D

20:02:13 [LarrySimpson] brilliant

20:02:13 [Jim_Pa_Cobble] fantastic is just too mild .

20:02:14 [John_Guffy] fantastic pickin' Jim

20:02:16 [BJ_Talley] unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20:02:17 [Jim_Shiporski] Totally Awesome Mr. Deeming.....Thanks!

20:02:20 [Barbara_Dula] awesome, awesome

20:02:24 [Scott_Adams] Fantastic!  Time to go practice!  Night, all.

20:02:25 [BJ_Talley] that was killer Jim.

20:02:27 [BJ_Talley] really

20:02:27 [LarrySimpson] lol

20:02:28 [Roger_Pratt] That was AWESOME Jim!!!!!!!!!

20:02:28 [Larry_Consley] wonderful job Jim

20:02:30 [Earl_Hunter] Fantastic Jim

20:02:31 [Peggy_Edwards] ABSOLUTELY AWSOME.. AMAZING... Thanks Jim.. Superb... Smilin

20:02:33 [Monty_Montgomery] FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE JIM DEEMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

20:02:36 [KenGoddard] Wonderful Jim....WOW!

20:02:40 [Bobby_Gibson] You can play faster in thin air.

20:02:51 [Jim_Pa_Cobble] I just put 4 guitars in their cases and back in the closet!

20:02:52 [Peggy_Edwards] lol@Bobby

20:03:08 [Tamara_Price] it's too bad good things have to come to an end

20:03:14 [Wayne_Brown] Jim... you did great

20:03:19 [Wayne_Gray] Great ...

20:03:20 [Jim_Deeming] Thanks everyone.

20:03:30 [Ron_Wise] jim d you sure pick fine thanks

20:03:30 [Admin_Ceri] REALLY PROUD OF YA, JIM D!!!

20:03:38 [BJ_Talley] Way to Go Jim D.... that was a super job.


20:03:54 [Rose_Melliere] Jim D    thanks so much for a great performance

20:03:59 [Bobby_Gibson] Nice Job Jim.

20:05:34 [Tamara_Price] Jim D i'll be checking out the website  just didn't get  enough---great job

20:05:48 [Steve_Gouge (private)] you burned it up mister....proud to say I know ya!