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Acoustic Eidolon - Hannah Alkire
Hannah is the cello player you hear in two of the tracks on First Fruits. Acoustic Eidolon is the partnership of Hannah and her husband Joe Scott, who plays an amazing instrument he invented called a guitjo. Go listen to this combo, and I guarrantee you'll be hooked!

Bobby Gibson
Bobby is not only a phenomenal picker, he plays his own arrangements and seems to have a well of ideas that never runs dry.  Bobby is a frequent player in the TFGA chatroom.

Steve "Curly" Gouge
I met Steve at Winfield, KS, and heard him play in the International Fingerstyle Guitar Contest.  I love hearing him play.  He and his family were extremely gracious hosts to me during my first time at Winfield.

Roger Hardin
I met Roger Hardin after he had played in the International Fingerstyle Guitar Contest at Winfield, Kansas.  Roger is an excellent picker who's gonna take that contest one of these days.  My money's on him.

Richard Hudson
Richard is my favorite gospel guitar player.  He is good friends with Dwayne Friend, one of my earliest influences, and Richard can make a Gretch sing right out of the hymnal like nobody you ever heard.   Richard is a frequent picker in the TFGA chatroom.

Ben Owens
Ben Owens just graduated from high school, just finished his first CD, and is a young man you're going to hear a lot more from. He has chops, musical ideas, and the drive to take his guitar career wherever he decides to. I am excited to hear where he goes with his guitar from here. (After college, of course!) Some of the monster fingerstyle guitar players of our time are taking notice of Ben, with accollades coming from the likes of Tommy Emmanuel, Pete Huttlinger, and Richard Smith.

Ron Wise
Ron is living the life we all wish for - picking his guitar from a cabin in Alaska.  I have Ron's CD "Ron's Point Of View" and can highly recommend it.  Sometimes you can catch Ron in the TFGA chatroom.

Bob Wolford
Bob Wolford is not only an outstanding Colorado thumbpicker, he has done a tremendous amount of work writing tablature and arrangements for other guitar players to study.  I highly recommend his webste as a starting place for someone wanting to learn thumb-style picking.. 

Guitar Heros
Chet Atkins
Jerry Reed
Tommy Emmanuel
Doyle Dykes
Buster Jones
Thom Bresh
Dwayne Friend
Laurence Juber

More Links

The Least Of These
Teaching orphaned children in Russia and Ukraine to associate unconditional love with Jesus Christ.  Please check out the website and see how you can help!
Bridge Studios
This is where I'm recording - Paul Andrews is fantastic to work with. 
Fred Kelly Picks
I switched to these a year ago and can't imagine ever playing with anything else.  I like the large, heavy gauge speedpick.  I especially like them in green when I play Tommy Emmanuel's song, "The Man With The Green Thumb"!