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Please feel free to download any of these files for your own use. I do not charge for them, however I am a guitar teacher and these files are my own work. Your donation is very much appreciated and helps keep more coming in the future. You can use these paypal buttons to make the recommended donation of $5 per song (or medley), or $10 for two or more. Thank you!

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Armed Forces Medley

This is my arrangement of all five military songs as performed on my YouTube video.

About The Armed Forces Medley
Intro and Coast Guard Song - Semper Paratus
Army - Caisson Song
Navy - Anchors Aweigh
Air Force - Into The Wild Blue Yonder
Marines - Marine Hymn

Auld Lang Syne

This is my arrangement of Auld Lang Syne in DADGAD tuning as performed on my YouTube video.

About Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lang Syne DADGAD - Beginner Version
Auld Lang Syne DADGAD - Intermediate/Advanced Version

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